Comunità di SESTU cooperativa sociale Onlus.

A kind of enlarged family,the Community was created in 1972 accordind to a cohabitation model inspired to the socalled volontary simplicity. The group finances itself with several activities,  as the traditional artistic copper working and frame-making, and it has a complete autonomy with low-consumption and high-quality person relations. Community of good exploitation of everybody’s potential are the means to concretely face social alienation without falling into mere sympathetic relationships. The Community takes part in the social dynamics of the area promoting active citizenship.


Copper engravings showing Sardinia’s agricultural- pastoral and social tradition, keeping alive the memory of values and cultural vicissitudes of the ancient Sardinian population.

Founded in1976, the Sestu Community Cooperative transform copper plates into beautiful works of art. With the use of exclusively manual procedures and the techniques of embossing and chasing, engraving and glazing, the Cooperative creates decorative panels, pictures, friezes for fireplace mantels, dishes, ashtrays and jewel cases with an unmistakable style rich in sober, modern expressiveness but at the same time authentically  Sardinian. The subjects, which are always original, are deeply embedded in local tradition, with clear references to rural life and work, the home, social and religious customs.  They spring from the desire to preserve the memory of situation and values of the everyday  life of the ancient Sardinian people. The Sestu Community Cooperative, which is a modern version of the old “bottega”, or craftsman’s workshop, follow the typical techniques of the craftsman, always favouring the personal touch and the uniqueness of its products. In fact, the type of  instrument used, the intensity of each blow and above all the personal taste and experience of the artist,  which all  together determine volume and line, show up light and shade , thus defining the image and giving it its expressiveness, make these embossments and chasings truly unique, not  as the result of an effort to be original, but because of their intrinsic expressive reality. The Cooperative also carries out work to order of different kinds, such as sacred objects, wall panels, funeral monuments, chimney linings and fireplace screens.